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'Sometimes It Snows In April'. Prince 1986.

Here in the Yorkshire Dales we've been bombarded with all kinds of weather. One morning my little girl is pulling on her summer school dress the next we're wrapping up in gloves and scarves and laughing in the snow. That's April for you. However this morning the sun was out again and the spring flowers were looking pretty stunning, trying their hardest to make my garden look less unkempt and more deliberately 'casual' in its design.  I have a sloping bank of gorgeous purple bluebells under a huge copper beech tree and as soon as they appear I love to bring a few indoors. I use my fabric pots for many things but one use is as a little fabric vase. Here's what I do.

I take an empty pop/water bottle and use a ruler to measure the height of the pot.

Really carefully I use scissors and cut the plastic bottle to the desired height and simply slip it into the fabric pot, add my flowers and give them a drink.

'Sometimes it snows in April'. RIP Prince. xxx


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