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Day Release

Last Saturday I allowed myself out of the workshop on 'day release'. A chance to stretch my legs, practice the art of conversation and to rub shoulders with like minded stitching folk. I thought I'd earnt it, for good behaviour.

Selvedge Magazine is a more than a magazine. Its a 'read it from cover to cover, snuggled up in bed with a massive hot chocolate' kind of magazine. From the beautiful photography and enthraling features to the fact that it looks and feels like porno for the textile fanantic.   So, when I heard through the grapevine that they were hosting an event no more than 20 minutes away from where I live, well you can imagine my frenzied excitement. To be accepted at this event has been a bit of an ambiton of mine and when the acceptance email pinged through to me, I honestly thought they'd made a mistake. Surely the email had gone to the wrong person.

"Well, I'll just turn up, set my stall up and it'll be too late to kick me out," I thought.

The venue was beautiful, the standard of work totally inspiring and it turns out that yes, I was meant to be there.

I had a little time to dash round, briefly pausing at just a few stands and crying a little inside at the pure beauty that comes from such talented hands.

The Selvedge Magazine fair was just one element of Fabrications, the UK's first festival that celebrates and explores textiles and the textile industry through the eyes of artists.

Congratulations to everyone involve especially Fiona from Happy 4 PR, Corrine Young and all the amazing men and women on the front line who were there to meet the demanding needs of the makers.

Pendle Heritage Centre

Fabric Porn

Me, thinking "Oh God! She's going to ask me to leave. How embarrassing."

The Makings Of Miss Bertimus

The Makings Of Miss Bertimus



Lilac Pearl Textiles

Still busy...

 Linladan Folk Art & Embroidery Supplies.

Priscilla Jones

Corinne Young Textiles

Corinne Young

Karen Shapley

Hat Therapy - Milliner Chrissie King

Lindsey Tyson

Magpie Maison

The Stitch Society

Oh...and Dear Emma Designs.


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