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New Year, New Start

A good half of my year is spent frantically stitching away to meet orders or stocking up for the various events that I show at whilst all the time adding to my 'One Day' list that I keep in my head. This is a long list of other things to do with my business that I either ignore or pretend that I don't have the time for.

This year I've decided to really grab the deer (?) by the antlers, ignore the nonsense in my head and take a little time to be creative in another way. My website was outdated and hosted by what is possibly the most 'unhospitable' provider possible. (sorry, no names...1&1....cough cough). So having secured my new best friend 'How To Style Your Brand' by Fiona Humberstone, off I set.
It's taken a good few weeks but I've really enjoyed pulling my business to pieces, shaking off some old designs that I'm asked to repeat but don't like anymore and generally refocusing. All the time keeping Fiona's words in my head "You can't be all things, to all people." I love those words. It sort of gives you an excuse to be the person you want to be, not the person you think you should be. It's a bit like being a teenager again.
So, with this in mind, I promise not to rosy this blog up with silly 'lets pretend I skip around cornflower filled meadows in search of inspiration' malarkey. Instead I'll take you with me when I skid down a muddy banking, slice my wellies on discarded glass, through dog poo and worse and along my* railway embankment where I dare to trespass on 'Private Property'. All in the aid of a few wild flowers and a little wildlife.
So for now, enjoy this rare scene of my* roe deer right at the end of my garden taken just a few days ago.

* When I use the word 'my' I assume that because I can either see them or live within a stone’s throw away that they actually belong to me. They don't.

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