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Muker Meadows (Strong Yorkshire accent essential)

Planning a day out in the Yorkshire Dales where walking, picnicing, poking about in rivers and disused barns is involved, takes a strong nerve. Chances are, the weather forecast looks perfect one minute but then the moment the tartan picnic rug is thrown down, the first drop of rain will fall. Well, for once the weather Gods were kind to us. I'd been planning this trip with care. Muker Hay Meadows are at their absolute peak in the third week in May and a sight to behold. A protected hay meadow with 'special scientific interest'. Music to my ears and a little piece of Heaven. I promise not to bore you with the botanical details but if you ever find yourself in a small pocket in loveliness in Swaledale 'Grid Reference: SD910983', you too will be booking your final resting place.




(sorry Jamie, Sam and Beth.....couldn't resist!)

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