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About Dear Emma

Whoopee! I'm delighted to announce that;

a) My 'Breakfast' blue tit tea cosy is featured in October 2017 edition of Country Living magazine


Anyway, back to business....

Dear Emma Designs is a small countryside business based in the Yorkshire Dales. It is from her tiny garden workshop that Cathy doodles and sketches a unique range of designs.  Inspired by her love of garden birds, insects and wild flowers her ideas are brought to life using a combination of free-motion machine and hand embroidery. Each piece is made individually from high quality linens, cottons and new and vintage snippets of fabrics and reflects a lifelong passion for making, mending and creating.       (Maybe you'd like to read my blog too?)

I would be fibbing if I were to tell you that this is how my workshop looks on a daily basis. However if you visually add a few piles of fabric, a brimming bin of fabric scraps and half a dozen cobwebs at my window you'll be heading in the right direction.

My workshop on a sunny Yorkshire Dales day.                  A distracting view.

                                    A tidy windowsill. Hardly ever happens.

 If you'd like to see what I get up aisde sitting and stitching maybe you'd like to read my blog.