Handmade textile art
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Street Scene Pictures

From time to time I love to immerse myself in larger pieces of textile art. I put away the sketchbooks and all things wildlife and throw myself into a street scene picture. Having planned (roughly) the size of my finished piece I simply start at one end of the street and work across snipping and stitching as I go. The finished piece is an explosion of colour, textile and detail. I love to add lots of tiny extras such as milk bottles, bus stops, railings, clouds and kites. I make these generally on a commission basis only unless I am preparing for a larger show where I usually have a few to choose from.  Below are a few photos of current and past pieces to show you the detail involved. The size ranges from 50cm-100cm in length and prices start from £265 upwards. Approx 2-3 month waiting time.

Please drop me a line via my Get In Touch page if you would like any further information.



 These images show portions of a larger picture. You can just make out the tiny garden bushes and milk bottles.